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About PageRank Checker

Getting page rank information is crucial for your blog or website. You need to know if the money and time spent on marketing, off-page optimization, on-page optimization, blog commenting, and creating backlinks has helped you. This will help you make informed decision on future spendings. Higher the rank means more traffic to your website. Scammers can create "fake" Page Rank to sell you the website. You can use this tool to check the validity of a website before you make the purchase. Our tool will color code the page rank for you to make it easier to read. 

What is the Page Rank Checker?

It's a tool that will help you track the rankings of your online business. All the major search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) gives an utmost importance of a page when it comes to ranking your site. The more relevant your content on the website, the higher the changes your website will rank higher. Our tool offers the best and accurate results !

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