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About Online Ping Website Tool

Ping Website Tool will help you get quicker indexing by Google. The tool pings your website and show you the results on how long it takes to load the website. It looks at the server response time. Website loading time is very critical to website ranking. Most people don't want to wait more than few seconds to load the website. This tool will help you find the loading time of your website. Another benefit of this tool is that it helps to get your website indexed quicker by Google. Don't want to wait after you make the changes to your site for Google to index? Use this tool and get indexed quicker.

How important is Online Ping tool?

Many bloggers and webmasters believe that online ping tool is not required whenever you update your website as they assume that search engine will automatically index their pages without any ping. It's true that search engines will index their pages but it may not be quick enough to rank your post up. Search engines have set schedules to scan through the internet and look for updates and changes. The online ping tool does the manual work for you to remind the search engine that the changes have been made. This will let search engine scan your website quicker and index the changes faster.

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