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About Word Counter

Just like other Many SEO Tools, this tool is very easy to use. It can be used by beginners or advanced users without any hassle. It's not practicle to count words manually in a lenghty document. We have developed this tool to help you count words within few seconds. Simply copy/paste your article in the box and hit Submit and let the tool work for you.

It's a big misconception that articles should be a minimum length of X words but that's not the case. Although, shorter articles are more valuable. Use this tool to help you count words and keep it short which can help you boost your Search Engine rankings.

This tool not only counts the words but also determine the number of characters, sentences, unique words and paragraph in the article. The tool can be used by any web browser even using the phone. The tool can be used by bloggers, students, posts and more. Our tool supports all the languages.

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