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About XML Sitemap Generator

If you are a webmaster and own a website, you should know how important it is to have your website indexed by search engines properly. One of the best ways to get your website indexed is by using XML generator.

What is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is a list of URLs of a website in an XML file format. It's also known as Google sitemap as Google first introduced it. XML Sitemap allows you to add SEO related information about the URLs. Some of them are the date the page was created, last updated, and the owner of the page.

How important is XML Sitemap?

The best and easiet way to explain the process is Google Search Engine cannot read words, it needs help navigating your site and XML Sitemap does that work for you. It gives instructions to Google on how to navigate through your website which will help your rankings. Whenever your website is updated, it will automatically inform Google about the changes so you don't have to do anything manually.

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